I'm back :)

As you know, Tommy and I got married last weekend.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and some family and close friends joined us for the brief ceremony.

Among those friends there were two special ones. One in flesh, one in thought.

Celeste and Leslie

We met Celeste and Leslie some time ago, when we got in contact with the Wildlife Brigade. I've writen about Celeste in the past, when I told you about Zöövenirs-Peru.

Celeste and Leslie thought about us and decided to give us a wonderful gift. Celeste couldn't make it, but Leslie showed up with a small basket. She approached us after the ceremony, once we were outside the building with that little basket.

She said: "Butterflies can't speak, but they can carry your wishes for the future in their wings".

She asked us to whisper a couple of wishes to the butterflies she had in the basket, before we set them free. We did. Then we opened the basket. The butterflies stayed there.

We offered them our hands, and they gently climbed on them. They listened to our wishes again, stayed for a couple of pictures and after a couple of minutes, they were on their way.

I had never had a butterfly in my hand before. It was an amazing experience, an awesome surprise on a very special day.

Thank you, Celeste and Leslie, for making our very simple wedding, something extraordinary and unforgettable!

Mel and Tommy



I've been busy for the past couple of weeks... but I wanted to share something with you...

Lots of things to do... just a couple of weeks left!!

Will be back in June :)

(Thanks to cousin Malú for her awesome drawing!)