Saturday Morning - Parque de la Amistad (Friendship Park)

Saturday morning, hooot weather but refreshing experience. The BFS (Brigada de Fauna Silvestre), Wildlife Brigade, got together in one of the most beautiful parks in Lima to teach children, teens and adults about fauna and conservation.

It was an amazing experience for kids and parents, for brigade members, and for me, as I am still a wanna-be brigadist :)

When we got to the park, some brigade members were already there, Celeste and Leslie were sitting on the 'second table'...

Carlos was the 'star teacher', he got the attention of the kids talking about the importance of leaving wildlife in their habitats, not taking them to domestic environments, etc.

We even had a celebrity! ¿Recognize Mr. Spiderman here paying attention to Kelly's speech?

That's me talking to the kitty...

After learning some cool facts, the kids moved to the second table to leave their 'marks'.
As a symbol of their commitment to share what they learnt and be ambassadores of nature, they painted their palms and left an impresion of their hands.

The kids were so excited! Is there something better than seeing a bunch of kids with the biggest smiles?

They signed commitment letters to keep on learning, teaching others and taking care of wildlife, and took them home to remember.

We spent there a little over 3 hours, but the brigade stayed until 5pm. I had a few teachers that motning: brigade members and kids like Alexis, who shared their experiences and what they knew about animals. UN FOR GET ABLE!


Mary said...


This is one of the most enlightening, happiest posts I've read in a long while. It's so important for children to learn about flora and fauna, wildlife, and conservation. They are educational sponges and will never forget this day.

My hat is off to you! Bravo. You done good :o) I'd like to mention this post in a future post of mine.


Mel said...

Hi Mary!
Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. Kids, as you say, are like sponges, and it is the best moment to teach stuff that can make a possitive impact and change them, their parents, friends, schoolmates and the world around them. Their big smiles and the faces of surprise and excitement are something that I won't forget either.
Feel free to use anything you need, want or like from this blog, I know it's not much, but if it can somehow help the brigade and lift the spirits of such wonderful people it is worth it!
Thank you again, love,

Anonymous said...

hola mel..!!

Por lo visto todo estuvo muy chevere y ya sensibilizaste!! QUE BRAVO!...yo no pude ir .. buuuu..!!! pero bueno, ya habrán otras oportunidades, la cosa es que la conservación hacia nuestra fauna silvestre crezca :D

cuidate XD !


Mel said...

¡Hola Yola!
Sí, la experiencia estuvo muy linda, por momentos parecía que no habría gente y de pronto ¡aparecieron por montones!
Qué pena que no puedieras ir, pero como dices, tendremos muchísimas más oportunidades en el futuro.