Just a little something to keep the blog alive! hahaha, sooorry! I'm taking final exams until December 10th, so, I've been with my nose in the books and that's not going to change until I finish... Anyway, here's something so you won't forget me!


Found this video while looking for info for my thesis, although it's made by the brazilian side of the Amazon Rainforest, it applies perfectly to the Peruvian side too. I think it is worth viewing, so we won't forget.


I keep doing this... sorry for not posting lately! (blushing) Exams, thesis, papers, projects, presentations, etc, etc, etc... just a couple of months to finish my studies here and go home, at last!
Anyway, I'll be back in a few weeks, I'm working on a translation of some postings in a blog Born Again Bird Watcher sent me weeks ago about the study and conservation of the Cardenal de Copete Rojo de Argentina (Paroaria coronata). I really hope it will be the first post after this break!
Thank you for your patience and for your constant support!
Will be back soon!