New home

In a week, this is where we'll be. We found a place half a block from this market and colonial church in Cusco, Peru.

It is scary, it is exciting, it is all about new beginnings.

We are about to get a couple of bird guides from the region so we can start learning about the local birds, and will try to set us a goal of visiting a new place every weekend. Even if it is a few meters away from our new home.

If any of you have recommendations about a particular field guide, a birding area, etc. close by, it would be awesome. We've been researching, but it is always great to have some feedback from people who has been in the area before.

So, off we go, hoping for some birding adventures that we could share with you in a couple of weeks.


We are moving!

Yes, we are!

We are moving to Cusco! Capital of the Inca Empire and our dream for a while. We are crazy.
We decided it last year, and of course, after I quit my job (ending on February 28) nature decided to make it extra harder and rained and rained until it flooded and thousands were left with nothing but what they were wearing.

We will go seeking for jobs in a place where devastation hit with fury. Businesses are closing and people are losing houses, crops and animals.

But we'll still go. It will be a challenge, and also an opportunity to help out some people. Our hearts waited too long for this. We want to start over from scratch - new life, new jobs, new problems but also new opportunities. We are confident that we could do good, meet new people and also enjoy the nature around the area (one of the main reasons to choose that location) and the travel possibilities from there to the South or to the jungle.

We can't say we are not worried about it. We have no house or full time job yet, and we move in a few weeks, but we are confident and excited!

It will be a pleasure to finally post about nature and new and exciting birds!!! Will you share this new adventure with us???


On the path to recovery

Yesterday, after two weeks of really stressing weeks, my dad had his very long surgery. They found many more tumours than they expected (even after all the scans, tests, MRIs, etc.) but they also managed to do more than they were planning at the beginning.

They say the surgery was a complete success, and they expect the recovery to be painful but fast. He spent the night in the Intensive Care Unit, so we haven't seen him since yesterday's morning.

I want to thank all the friends who said a prayer or sent their good wishes, I believe all your good will helped for this outcome.

The danger is not gone yet, but the first part is done at least.

I'll try to go to the park close to home yesterday, I need some birds to stare at, even if it is for a minute or two. Last weekend Tommy and I visited Cieneguilla, not far from home, and got a couple of lifers. I'll write about it soon.