Say whaaaat???

Hi there!

I was very excited because Gunnar offered us an awesome wedding present: A pelagic this Saturday...

But, as this is not a perfect world... A girl from my area, working in the same floor as me (5 or 6 metres or so from my desk) has been confirmed with the AH1N1. Thank God she's fine, and so are her kids (all got the virus) and she'll come back to work next week. However, we've been advised to take precautions such as to wash hands often, sneeze on handkerchiefs and to avoid public places (both to prevent getting infected or to infect others in case we have the virus).

I travel to and from work in public transportation, each trip takes me over an hour, in which I could get in contact with hundreds of people. I have to go shopping for food eventually and do other stuff that involves human contact. And I will continue to do so.

BUT, I won't go to the pelagic. I know there is a scarce risk of being infected and passing it on, but I certainly don't want to be the one to start the outbreak among birders!!

Anyway, I'll keep you posted, hopefully nothing serious will happen and my hubby and I will be able to enjoy a great wedding present later on.


Bird fun


The king of the urban jungle

Married life is awesome, especially with such a nice and cute husband as mine, hehe... Work has been very heavy and paperwork to have everything sorted with immigrations, Interpol, civil records, etc. is slow but happening.

We haven't had time to go birding, but some time ago, while we were running around trying to get all the wedding stuff and paper's sorted, we found this scene...

Made us smile, thinking of that poor sculpture of the king of this 'urban' jungle, being pooped all over in a not so 'royal' way.

Who's the king now??

We hope to be able to go birding soon, maybe a pelagic? We shall see!