It's in our country logo

The Peru logo has three elements that identify our country: Ancient history, archeologycal sites and natural riches, represented with four specific elements: The 12 angle stone in Cusco, the Nasca lines, the gold and a bird.

The Inka Empire is represented by the gold letters and the 12 angle stone. The 12 angle stone is located at the Archbishop's House in Cusco. This Vice-royal building with Arabic influence was raised on the foundations of the palace of Inca Roca. Presently, it is the main centre of the Museum of Religious Art. On Hatunrumiyoc Street, you can see an old Inca wall that was part of the Inca Roca palace and demonstrates the admirable construction skill of the Inca in terms of polished and perfectly placed stones. The most remarkable part is this stone, famous for the perfect work and assembling of its angles, keep in mind that stones are just placed one on top of the other, without any sort of cement...

The Nasca Lines is a vast network of lines and drawings of animals and plants credited to the Nasca, culture covering an area of approximately 350 km2 /135 miles2. Some of the best drawn figures are the hummingbird, the dog, the monkey, and the long-tailed mockingbird.The German, Maria Reiche, devoted 50 years of her life to studying and researching the area and came to the conclusion that it was an astronomical calendar. From a 12 meter / 39 feet lookout, you can partially observe the shapes of the hand and the tree. However, in order to appreciate the drawings fully, it is recommended to fly over the area in a small airplane. The Nasca Lines were placed on the World Cultural Heritage List in 1994.

And finally the representation of a bird, the idea of the colourful variety not only of birds, but of exotic fauna that you could find in the Amazon Rainforest. The bird seems to be coming to life, free from the stone, leaving a shape as the ancient peruvians saw it...

Did you know about these elements and why they were placed in our logo? What do you think about it?


Antshrike said...

Hi Melissa, Nice blog! Welcome to the birding family. We're a strange bunch at times but mostly nice. I took a solo trip to Peru about 10 years ago and loved it. I road the bus from Lima to Paracas to see the seabirds. Rode on to Nazca to fly over the lines. Also loved the cool burial grounds with bones all over the place. Took the bus on down to the Lagunas de Mejias for more birds. And then on to Arequipa and a trip to Canon de Colca for condors. Then rode the train to Cusco and Machu Picchu. and then back to Lima. My favorite all time trip. My wife and I are thinking about going down this summer. I want to get to the jungle. Check out my blog at http://antshrike.blogspot.com/

Mel said...

Hope you can come back to Peru soon! Many things have changed in the past 10 years, I think you and your wife will enjoy it very much!
I keep learning a little bit at a time, reading blogs like yours, watching pictures or videos, trying to go to parks near home and so on, and hopefully soon I'll be able to study it a little bit more seriously (formal studies)
Thanks for stopping by!