Hummingbird's Restaurant

It's been a few times now. I keep hearing noises in the garden... I look out of the window just to find a couple of hummingbirds (too far too id, sorry!) flying around a palm tree we have in a corner of the backyard's garden.

The last time I saw them, they were 'fighting' with a flycatcher over this place that has become some sort of 'drive-thru' (or should I say 'fly-thru'?) for small fellows that I can't get pictured! (but I'll keep on trying).

As I couldn't post any pics of the guys who visit this special place, I decided to photograph the 'restaurant' and show it to you. I know nothing about plants, so it would be great if someone can help me find out more about it.

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Mel said...

Haven't seen them again, maybe they got mad at me because I published their favourite and secret place :(