My very first!

Yesss! I'm sooo happy! This is my very first guide to identify birds in my city!

I got it last night after long discussions with my wallet! hahaha... I spent a couple of hours past midnight checking it out, and I love it! It is perfect for me, super beginner, very clear and simple, with good pictures and simple explanations on how to identify the birds, their habitats, habits, nesting, etc

I'll go out this weekend with it and my little good-for-not-much camera to try to find a few!

A curious note on this: The bookstore I walked into had it in the middle of the room, in exhibition with other bird related books... that's SO unusual here! They usually have the bestseller or the kid's book or something strange, but this time it was the place for BIRDS! and I was lucky to see that for a change! Saw a lot of books I wish I had, but waaay too expensive, even some of the paperback editions, but, hey, I've got my first guide!!! I'll get them eventualy, hehehe.

I have to go now to keep writing on my neverending thesis (with my mind on a little weekend fieldtrip), lalalá... 100 Aves de Lima... lalalá

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Mel said...

A few weeks ago I got to meet the writer of the book, Juan Pedro Paz Soldán.
I interviewed him for my thesis and got my copy signed :)
I didn't know, but he was the one who placed the bird signs at El Olivar park I talked about in a January's post!!