I'm trying to become a member!

I've been attending meetings as a guest for over a month, and I finally begun the process to become a member.

But, what is this?

BFS (Brigada de Fauna Silvestre) would translate very much like 'Wildlife Brigade' and it is a group of young people, students and professionals, volunteering their time, hands, brains and talents to both learn and teach the community about the importance of conservation and issues related to our native natural wonders. The group has people with different backgrounds and studies and that makes the meetings extraordinary, diversity is the perfect word to define it. Its first anniversary will be on February 13th.

The main objective is EDUCATION, to learn and grow as a person and a professional, and to teach others later on... And I can't wait to get started!

In the following days I'll be going out with them to watch them in action, mostly with kids and teens, and start learning the million things I need and want to know. We'll be going to museums and parks with our big smiles and teaching material. I'm sooo excited!!!

I have to pass a series of tests: knowledge, public speaking, interaction with kids and teens, etc, and the final one: I have to create educational materials for kids (ages still unknown) based on peruvian flora/fauna! I'm shaaaking! hahaha, but also happy, it is a fun challenge and it will not only get me into the group, but my contribution will help spread their amazing work!

And that is not all, even if I don't become a member, I am already involved in a project with native communities in our Amazon jungle (will tell you more about it in the future, because it is BIG)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about this group and how happy I am to be able to join them!

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Mel said...

It is sad, but I might have to stop going to this because of a new job.
The times just don't allow me to do it :(
Most activities are on weekdays thought for kids, so, unless they start making stuff for weekends I'll have to let it go... AND I DON?T WANT TO!!!! :(