How cool is that???

If you read my post "Unexpected Pelagic Birding" a few days ago, then you know what this post is about.

I made a comment on that post about an idea I got from the birds that day that could make a cool Birdorable t-shirt for my non-Peruvian fiancee: "I love Peruvian Boobies" just seemed perfect!

Guess what, I just got a mail from Amy @ Birdorable saying: "Your wish is our command and we have added the Peruvian Booby to Birdorable. We've even added a couple of Boobies designs, too! Let me know what you think of them. :o)"

OMG, are you kidding me??? I clicked on the link she sent and found this. How cool is that???

I have to say that they made a great job. Here is a picture of some of these birds (adults and juveniles) at Ballestas Islands (Paracas, Peru) that Tommy took in January 2007.

Now I have lots of alternatives to choose from, feel free to suggest any!


Lynne said...

Mel, that is so cool!!!

We'll expect to see Tommy in his Peruvian Boobies T-shirt.

dAwN said...

That is great! Gotta love those Boobies.

Anonymous said...

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S.C.E. said...

One day I will get one of those T-shirts too.....

RuthieJ said...

That's very cool Mel!
Just make sure Tommy only wears that t-shirt when he's with you! ;-)

T.R. said...


Gallicissa said...

You are bad!

What a cool concept and I am so pleased that they are doing a t'shirt with that!

shirl said...

Oh my Mel... that is way too cool :-D

Sekhar said...

Ya cool indeed ;)

Susan Gets Native said...


That is hilarious, Mel!

Meggie said...

Looks like it was your lucky day, Mel!

Q said...

Dear Mel,
You must be so pleased! You had such a cute idea! I am happy the tea-shirt idea was picked up and created. That was quick!

Tricia said...

What wonderful birds - great stuff Mel.

Mel said...

Hello Guys!

Now that Tommy is back here I will try to find the perfect kind of top to order it, hehe

That's what my love said! lol

How are boobies in Japan???

He better be!!

Indeed ;)

Am I THAT bad?? lol
I just thought it was funny, hehe

Isn't it?? :)

Cool, cool, cool


Yes, I'll try to order some cool stuff for upcoming birthdays :)

Yes, it was really quick!

It is a nice bird, awesome to see a flock in flight!

Robin Easton said...

This is sooooo cooooooooooooL!!!
I love this. You are so amazing that you thought of this. I bet they would sell like crazy. You are so cleaver and smart. I love this idea. Hugging great big hugs, you friend Robin :) :) :)