The Comeback

Photo: Saffron Finches by Melissa Gold

The past couple of weeks I've been a bit busy. Boss is on vacation and work has been crazy. I've been sick, my mom has been hospitalized for a few days too (she's doing better now) and one of my best friends is [hopefully] recovering from a serious health issue.

But, in between such bad events there was one that helped to keep on smiling... my love and nature/birding sidekick Tommy is back!!! After six months away he's back in town :)

Photo: Saffron Finch by Tommy Pérez

We haven't been able to go birding yet due to the events I wrote before, but still managed to squeeze in a walk around the house, where we found a few Saffron Finches.

Photo: Saffron Finch by Tommy Pérez

I hope to be able to post soon with better news and nice bird stories, now that my birding partner is here once more. To the ones following Tommy's blog (Unnaturally Natural), please note that he changed the blog address. You can now find it here. I recommend a visit, as he will have some birding time on his own while I'm at work, and therefore more experiences and birds to share with you :)

Photo: Saffron Finch by Tommy Pérez


Mary said...

I love this post, Mel. It's so happy and cheerful. I guess we all need our down times to appreciate the up ones.


Mel said...

Hola Mary,
I've been missing so many of your posts and other blog friends lately. I hope to be able to catch up soon, my head has been elsewhere...
I am happy that my love is back, and you are so right, we need some down times to appreciate the up ones.

S.C.E. said...

Nice yellow bird there.......I'll check out Tommy's blog.......

Lynne said...

Mel, I'm sorry to hear about your Mother's illness but glad that she's better. I am SO HAPPY that Tommy is back with you. We all have difficult times in our lives but it's so much easier to get through it with someone you love at your side.

RuthieJ said...

Welcome back Tommy!
Those saffron finches are so pretty. Do they sing pretty too?

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Birdwatching is simply out of this world experience. Me and my wife are mad about it.

Red Hair Fellow

Robin Easton said...

Dearest Mel,

Sorry I've not been here sooner. Just buried in work. But I loved reading this. Not only are the pictures just STUNNING beyond words, what a score to photograph this little guy, but you sound happy. I am so GLAD that your sweetheart is back with you. You must just feel so much lighter of heart. You are SUCH a kind kind soul, dear little Mel. You are 100% worthy of being loved, cherished and cared for. You truly are one of God's gentle souls. It's why you love the little birds SO much, because they too are gentle souls and have such a hard time surviving with human's careless ways.

You are in my heart and thoughts...always.


Q said...

Dear Mel,
Joyful tidings that Tommy is back!
I have held him in my heart these past six months.
I understand how life is full of ups and downs. My soulmate has been by my side and I his for 37 years now...Having Tommy home will make the rest of the worries easier.
Hugs and happy birding....

shirl said...

Hey Mel, great to see you back posting again. Delighted to hear Tommy is back too :-D

I understand completely the health issues with those close to you. The blog doesn't seem the right place to spend your time does it? However, you still want your blog to be a happy cheery place for your visitors don't you? You definitely did that here with such lovely images of your saffron finches! I loved seeing them :-D

Looking forward to hearing all your birding stories when you are ready for them yourself! Wishing you all my very best wishes for good health for you and yours. Besos :-D

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos of the Saffron Finch, a very pretty little bird. Glad you have your Tommy back where he belongs and sorry to read of the health problems I hope they all resolve themselves soon.

NCmountainwoman said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hope both you and your mother are feeling better.

Lovely shots of the wonderful yellow bird. He does bring sunshine, doesn't he?

P. Ollig said...

Such cool neighborhood birds! I'm looking forward to seeing more stories of birding in Peru. Someday we'll get down there to explore that amazing place for ourselves.


Mel said...

Hola a todos :)

I hope to soon post some new birds, or at least, some new stories, hehe

To all of you that have been concerned about my health, I feel much better. I'm just a bit worried about other people's health. I can't help it :S



Meggie said...

Hey Mel! Glad your birding buddy is back. LOVE the saffron finch, such a delicate but brilliantly colored little bird!

slim said...

Very funny! It's a clearn Lent joke!

Laurie said...

Great post! Too bad we don't have a birdwatching expert on board - those are beautiful images.


Kelly said...

...very beautiful little bird. Even his name is beautiful!

Sekhar said...

Seems like those were some really busy days for u Mel.
Me too busy for the last few weeks. And my broadband connection too got some problem. Now everything is ok.

Mel said...

Hi there!

The bird is beautiful, and it sings very clear and with a nice melody.

I hope to be able to visit your blogs soon!