Little beauty


Sandpiper said...

It's so delicate and pretty!

mon@rch said...

I can't wait for my leps to return! Should be soon!

Salty said...

Beautiful little skipper you captured here!

My best advise on bird watching is to buy a good identification guide with color pictures, combined with your digital camera you will soon be able to identify nearly all of the birds you can photograph. Then searching the net will yield a wealth of information.

Thanks for the comment and your linkage to Country Captures, I appreciate it!

Q said...

So darling!
I love seeing your butterflies!

Mel said...

Hello guys! Thanks for your visit :)

Sandpiper, yes, it is very delicate. That hand is Tommy's, the little guy flew around and stopped on his hand a couple of times, but by the time we got the camera it just wouldn't move anymore... Not a fan of fame?? haha

Tom, soon!!!

Salty, my pleasure! Your advice is good, the only problem is that guides over here are mostly in English and cost a fortune, I tried buying online but had problems with delivery before, so I rather not try again for a while.

Sherry, I know you love butterflies, hope to send you a few nice images soon :)
Btw, good luck with your bees!!