Birds and flowers

You already know that last Sunday I went to 'La Laguna', where the smart ducks and geese can 'read' signs ;)

Over there we saw this 'Garcita blanca' (White Egret / Egretta thula) walking around, looking for a snack.

This seems to be a juvenile, because the legs were still yellow (going black in the front)

It was nice to just stay there and watch. It is amazing how much beauty you can find when you decide to look with 'nature eyes'.

A Vermilion Flycatcher followed us for a few blocks, our camera is so simple and zoom-less that in over a dozen pictures this is the best :(

Pyrocephalus rubinus (Vermilion Flycatcher)

After the lagoon we went to visit Grandma and her flowers.

And I got my VERY FIRST picture of a hummingbird flying!!! Sorry for the quality, click to enlarge.

Amazilia amazilia (Amazilia Hummingbird)

It was a sunny happy Sunday.


Eva said...

I love Vermilion Flycatchers. Not bad for a zoom-less camera.

Sandpiper said...

Your pictures are so beautiful, Mel! I love all the birds and flowers.

Gallicissa said...

Well done with the Hummer shot!
Vermilion Flycatcher looks a stunning bird.

Anonymous said...

Mel, both birds and flowers are really nice! I added your blog to my favorites so I can visit it to watch some more of your photos.
Also: thanks for visiting by blog!

Mel said...

¡Hola chicos!

Eva, I love Vermilion Flycatchers too, it's great to see them catch moths in flight, making that clicking sound :)

Sandpiper, thanks!! In this particular post, two of my favourites: Vermilion and Hummingbird!

Ami, I couldn't believe it stayed so long with me so close!

Aluajala, it was a pleasure visiting your blog :)
Thanks for adding me to your blog roll ;)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Great photos!

Tricia said...

Lovely pics and great colour - especially when it's only 2 degrees C here in the UK! I can feel the warmth of the sun through your pictures.

And oh - that Hummer! Well done on capturing it!

RuthieJ said...

Gosh, Mel, I can see why you had such a happy day....so much color and beauty all around you! Thanks for sharing.

Mel said...

Hi there!

Dr. Monkey, thanks!!

Tricia, sorry to hear is still cold over there :( but soon the sun will shine :)

Ruthie, yes, it was a great day :) :) :)

Birdfreak said...

Sounds like a beautiful, wonderful time! It is finally getting a little warm around here. Great photos!

Good birding to you!

Mary said...


I love the lagoon, wide duck feet, and your flowers!

Hey, that's a good photo of the hummingbird. Now, Mel, what kind is it?

Mary :o)

Mel said...

Hello :)

Birdfreak, is nice to know you are going to have more sunshine and colour in the Reserve soon!!

Mary, the humminbird is an Amazilia Amazilia, I think the name in English is just Amazilia Hummingbird. The head is iridiscent green, and as that day was very sunny, the reflecs on it were amazing!

Mary C said...

Mel, you captured so many beautiful flowers and birds. I'm so glad you are sharing these photos with us. It looks like you had a beautiful day, too.

Mel said...

Hi Mary!
It was a great day, I'm learning to discover small wonders all over.

Q said...

Dear Mel,
I poured a cup of coffee, this cool rainy morning, and came to visit.
So glad I did too. Wow! I am enjoying catching up. I adore the little Amazilia Hummingbird.
So glad you are seeing with your nature eyes. You do live in a very beautiful country! I am thinking about getting a Birds of South America book so I can look up your birds too! Very beautiful!

Mel said...

Dear Sherry,
It's great to know you like my homeland, even though this is nothing compared to what I want to do and visit here ;)
I'm glad that your new ways make you feel better and happier.

Robin Easton said...

Oh Mel!!! These photos are GORGEOUS. You are so talented. I loved the large photo of the little humming bird, also liked that Vermilion Flycatcher. You have a truly excellent eye. I am impressed, and you certainly have "NATURE EYES." You are right; if we really open our eyes and hearts it's amazing how much we can see and learn. Don't you just love it?!! Thank you for sharing these photos. Hugs to you. : ) Robin

Ivars Krafts said...

Beautiful egret & flower shots. The beach looks so inviting, particularly for someone like me who is "trapped" in the middle of North America.
Keep up the good work!

Mel said...

¡Hola chicos!

Robin, thanks for the 'excelent eye' comment (*blushing*), wish I would believe that myself! hehehe
The Vermilion flycatchers are so beautiful!! Small birds that leaves a powerful impression! And hummingbirds are just cute :)

Ivars, that egret was moving around, couldn't get a nice shot, but then I found a spot to 'hide', hehehe, and I got it!