First week & Attack

Hello, dear friends!

I wanted to make this post fun and colourful, post some pics that Tommy took yesterday and tell you about my first week...

... But this morning we found this guy at the terrace, feathers all over the place, it seems like the work of one of my neighbour's cats!!

We tried to catch it to try to help, but it kept flying and crashing into the walls, it can fly but not high enough to fly away. We couldn't get it, it is VERY small, about 5cm, and we don't know what to do. Over here there are no people to take care of birds or places like the refuges for it to get well.

If we do catch it, then what?? We have no place to leave it and it feels like leaving it in the garden or outside is calling for that cat to come and finish the job. It is currently in the laundry area (we have it outside, it is an open space) and I would really appreciate your ideas and comments on this one, please, keep in mind that we might not have most of the resources you have to take care of hurt birds.

On another note, my first week was exhausting, and I really don't know why, as the 'real work' hasn't begun! I've been reading most of the week: reports, manuals, product details, procedures, etc, etc, etc...

I miss NATURE. I'll keep you posted on the future events. Please, leave a comment on the hurt bird if you have an idea or a story to share.


mon@rch said...

My suggestion is placing it somewhere where the cat or other animals will not! Keep us updated, well if it turns out good!

Anonymous said...

Mon@rch - The poor little fellow made it to the roof sometime around midday (I think - Mel may well remember better than I), and where to then we have no idea. I personally don't think it is in good enough condition to survive long - the height it 'flew' at seemed to be around the limit of the little jump to become airbourne - so I fear it will be easy prey to other four-legged stalkers.

Mel - congratulations on completing your first week at the new job! I know how tired you are when you get home, but it will get easier! I hope you enjoyed the movie and dinner last night :)


Meggie said...

Sometimes birds that have been attacked by cats have puncture wounds that aren't always evident. I would merely put the bird out of harms way and hope for the best. Sometimes a bit of rest does wonders for its healing. Good luck, Mel!

Sandpiper said...

Aw, poor bird. Do you have veterinarian nearby that might be able to help?

I hope you will enjoy your new job. It takes awhile to get used to new surroundings.

Q said...

Dear Mel,
So sorry for little bird. The ways of nature...
Be sure and drink your good water and get lots of rest!!
New job will be fun before long. I bet being inside all day is hard.
I am sending blessings to you and little bird and Tommy!

Mel said...

Hola a todos,

Mon@rch, as Tommy said on his comment, after some food and water it just flew to the ceiling of the house, after that, no sign of it :(

Tommy, thank you babe, I LOVE YOU!! You are a great sidekick ;), although lately I'm your sidekick! hahaha

Meg, I hope it made it, and not into a cat's tummy!

Sandpiper, vets over here won't take care of animals that are not considered 'domestic', and this poor thing is not :(

Sherry, I so want your words to be true! To enjoy the new job and take the best of the experience for the future. I'm drinking a lot of water at the office but my sleep is not very good :(