New work environment

So, today I started working.

I'll tell you about the new job later on, today I just wanted to show you where it is :)

No more grey buildings and skies for me. These pics were taken after this morning's heavy rain, and if it wasn't for the wet floors you wouldn't know. I was standing on the balcony of the place. The pics don't do justice to what your eyes see. The green hills behind, the colonial architecture, the stone brick roads. Stunning. A bad day can't be that bad if you can stare at this.

For those of you who wonder, that flag is the flag of the Tahuantinsuyo, the flag of the Inca Empire, many centuries before what it is used for in other countries today.

Plaza Regocijo is just beautiful. I saw a yet-to-id bird here with Tommy, so, maybe on a break I can bring my binoculars and spy on some birds, if they allow me to scare customers like that!

This plaza is four blocks away from our new home, so, I can walk there every day! To think that it took me one hour and a half in public transport to get to work when I was in Lima!

Sundays are my 'free' days, so I'll try to go to the Urubamba Valley with Tommy and some friends next Sunday, hopefully to catch a nice bird on camera to show you :)

See you!


Simon Taylor said...

Mel - If you havent seen this site before it may provide some useful links to blogs in and around you new area. Down the right hand side are world wide links. -


Hope this helps...


Mel said...

Hi Simon,
Thank you for the info!
It is always helpful :)
Take care!

P. Ollig said...

If I remember right, Pisac has an incredible market on Sundays.

Tati Calixto said...

Mel!!!!!! QUE DIFERENCIA. Que vida, que espiritu. Te felicito por buscar lo qeu quieres y por encontrarlo. Mel, mi corazon esta contento por ti :) Yayyyyyyy!!!!

RuthieJ said...

The hills and mountains surrounding your new city look beautiful. Will it get very cold there in the winter?

dAwN said...

Looks just Beautiful there! Goodluck!

Antshrike said...

Congrats Mel on moving to Cuzco. You've pretty much moved from hell to heaven. You will see so many new birds now. Just start working the road to Puerto Maldonado at different elevations and you should clean up! Hmm, maybe I sould go down there this summer while it's so stinking hot up here.


Mel said...

¡Hola a todos!

Hi Paul, you are right, it is a great market, full of life and color.

Gracias mi Tati, nos veremos prontoooooooo!!!

Hi Ruthie, it does get cold, we have no heating so we brought certain wedding present from a Nature Knitter ;)

Thanks Dawn!

Hi Dan, thank you for the tip. If you decide to come this way let me know!