What about lunch?

Egretta Thula (White egret)

If you've been following this story, you know that in less than a 3 day period over 2 tons of fish died mysteriously in the small lagoon not far from my house.

Fish are gone but the birds are still there. They are looking for lunch in the water, algae, worms in the mud, swimming guys that are there no more...

Results on the water and other samples are going to take a while, but these birds keep on trying to feed there.

Gallinula chloropus (Common Moorhen)

Yes, this one is picking on a dead fish.

I REALLY hope that the death ends up with the fish and doesn't take other creatures, like my dear birdies :(


Lynne said...

Please keep us posted on what you learn Mel.

RuthieJ said...

I always worry too about whether a fish kill like that will affect all the other lives using that pond.....
I'll be checking back to see what results your friend and her associates found out about the dead fish.

Meggie said...

Hey Mel! I sure hope the birds aren't affected by whatever killed the fish. Can't wait to find out about the water analysis.

Sandpiper said...

Beautiful pictures, Mel. I hope the pond is back to a healthy state now. It would be interesting to know what killed so many fish.

Markus Jais said...

If the fish died from some natural illness, I don't think it will affect the birds.
If they are poisoned, it may also kill the birds which would be very sad.

Q said...

Dear Mel,
Hugs to dear birds.
I do hope you learn what happened to all your fish.
I am comcerned for the birds too.