The only bird I get to see these days

Work, work, work. I'm getting home quite late these days.

ALC-UE is here, in Lima. What is here?? The V Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union Summit (LAC-EU for its inicials in English). It will gather 60 European and Latin American Heads of State and Government.

Streets around the major hotels and museums where the Summit is taking place have been closed all week! If it was hard enough to get home from work before, imagine about 40 more minutes to the trip... On Monday it took me over 2 HOURS to get home!

These past few weeks have been full of challenges and have me exhausted and with no opportunity to see daylight and the colour and birds I love to find. Internet connection hasn't been too good either, so I couldn't even visit friends and their gardens.
Good thing I have the new edition of I and the Bird to enjoy! at Gallicissa.

A few nights ago I decided to do something about it, I decided I would do some bird-related activity... I found this picture on a Jigsaw Puzzle program that Tommy got me some time ago (I can even do jigsaws with my own pictures!!), chose the largest amount of pieces possible (over 500 pieces) and started. This is the bird I've been secretly watching every night...

Anyone care to id??


Lynne said...

What a neat software program! Take care of yourself Mel. It can't last forever- things will get better and your birds will wait for you!

Sekhar said...

So you have been watching an owl every night. Good. And the post was cute :)

Gallicissa said...

Hi Mel,
Nice Jigsaw! Thanks a lot for participating in the IATB and for your plug. Please continue to contribute to it.

Mel said...

Hola chicos,

Lynne, thanks for your words. I'm trying to balance my new schedule with my previous obligations and home, but such long hours make it sooo hard!

Sekhar, last night I finished it! Although I have no guide to help me id the species, it looks sooo pretty!

Amila, thank you for inviting me and for your advice.

Sandpiper said...

What a great post and lots of fun!

RuthieJ said...

Oh Mel, your schedule sounds rotten! I hope things get better for you soon!
That jigsaw puzzle looks like fun. When I try to do them on the table at home, Kitty always jumps up and lays down on the puzzle! Maybe I need to get that program for my computer instead--then I can work on it anytime too.

Prince234 said...

Nice blog, full of good infos, keep the good work going.

Mel said...

Hola chicos :)

Sandpiper, I finally finished it and got a few more birds to make.

Ruthie, I'll ask Tommy to help me with info on that jigsaw and will send it to you if you want ;)

Prince, thanks for your visit.