New home

In a week, this is where we'll be. We found a place half a block from this market and colonial church in Cusco, Peru.

It is scary, it is exciting, it is all about new beginnings.

We are about to get a couple of bird guides from the region so we can start learning about the local birds, and will try to set us a goal of visiting a new place every weekend. Even if it is a few meters away from our new home.

If any of you have recommendations about a particular field guide, a birding area, etc. close by, it would be awesome. We've been researching, but it is always great to have some feedback from people who has been in the area before.

So, off we go, hoping for some birding adventures that we could share with you in a couple of weeks.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Look beautiful! Congratulations.

dAwN said...

Mel, How exciting..a new adventure! Perhaps Gunnar could help you with the birds and book..
Congrats on your new home town..Looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hola Mel,
you might check with the folks at Amazonia Lodge--Remiro Yabar or his brother.

They by the way are located in Cusco. We will be down there nest year in April I think.

good birding

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

New beginnings are so exciting!
I envy you both.
Best of luck to you-

Olli said...

Wow, looks really beautiful! I would love to visit there some day...

By the way, did you feel the earthquake there yesterday?

Cheers, Olli

Sarah said...

I've always wanted to visit Peru, especially since there are so many tropical birds there. Do you know if there are still hummingbirds there? Hummingbirds are the closest thing I see in my backyard that's closest to a tropical bird. I'm looking for a hummingbird feeder just to get more of them in my backyard. Have you heard anything about this one? http://www.birdfeeders.com/store/hummingbird-feeders/b122tf

Snail said...

I have no recommendations, but I look forward to reading about your new home and the bird life you find around it.

Elli from Toronto said...

"Birding" in Canada is very popular because it is a very calming hobby in these hectic days. Birding does not require a lot of sophisticated equipment. All you need is a set of Birding Optics to start off. A pair of Binoculars, spotting scopes, tripod and a notepad with a pencil is a great set of tools to observe birds. I wish you a good luck in your new adventure! Elli.

Q said...

Dear Mel,
I have been thinking of you lately. I am so excited for your new home...you will love it I just know.
Looking forward to "Birds of Peru" by Mel!

Mel said...

Hola a todos :)

Dr. Monkey, it is beautiful, if you get bored up there, come to visit us ;)

Dawn, we'll bother Gunnar with a million questions for sure!

Rick, thanks for the info! Contact us if you go, it is always great to meet new friends, and if they love birds even better :)

Lynne, thank you my dear friend! I will win the lottery to bring you and the Flock down here soon!

Olli, it is beautiful and new. The earthquake was felt in Chile, and the ones in Peru didn't affect Lima. Hope that there are not more of those around here :S

Sarah, there are lots and lots of different hummingbirds, and I wish I can see the all!

Snail, thank you for following!

Elli, thank you for the advice, I took notes ;)

Sherry, it's been a while since I visit you, but I will, now that I'm changing my life completely. I'll seek for your advice on how to live a life more in tune with the universe :)