This is the highest on a tree I've seen a Vermilion Flycatcher.

I went to visit grandma and on her garden, tall trees and palm trees make it difficult for the Vermilion to catch some food. They usually perch on small bushes or trees, waiting for the moment to fly and catch a fine meal.

This bird was much higher than any other of its kind I've ever seen. The tree is around 10 meters tall, and this fellow was on top of it. It dived for flies and bugs and didn't seem to get any. I'm not sure if it managed to get some, I didn't have my binoculars with me to see.

After a while, it just stopped diving to the ground. It stood there, on top of the tree, its bright feathers shinning in the sun. It was a beautiful thing to watch, even from the distance I was. It looked so proud and beautiful!

I'm also going to stop diving for things I won't get anyway, I'll start focusing on the future and the wonders to come.

Many changes ahead, that I will share with you in the near future :)


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

You sound like you're ready for the changes. I believe you will find wonderful things in your new direction.

Mel said...

Hola Lynne,
THANKS! I'll keep you posted!

Crayons said...

Hi Mel,
I saw you on TR's and on Mary's blog, so I decided we both have excellent taste.

I like this post because it is made for people at my level of birding. I am learning by book right now because most of our birds are ..... in your part of the world. (I live in Wisconsin, which is near Canada).

S.C.E. said...

I was expecting something else when I saw the title of the post (like you were still celebrating finishing Uni).

I wish we had a bright red bird like that in Japan......

Mel said...

Hola Crayons ;)
Love your work!! I've visited you a few times, but as with most blogs, I stopped visiting for a while due to too much work. I'll go back to fun days now!

Mel said...

Hi Stuart!!
I defend the thesis in less than two weeks!! I am celebrating but not a 100% as that needs to be done yet!