Calandria de cola larga

Nothing much happening these days. Lots of work and little time to enjoy nature and beautiful birds.

I was checking old files and found a couple of pics of a Long-tailed Mockingbird (Mimus longicaudatus) that visited a park not far from home.

I like its very long tail and the way it moves it up and down when singing. Before we (Tommy and I) knew the 'real' name of this bird, we called it 'fan tail'.

It is very hard to follow for a photo, it is a FAST running bird! And of course it has fooled us a couple of times with the song, faking sounds and other bird songs too.

I hope I can go out again. I miss daylight!!


Lynne said...

Hang in there Mel, things are bound to get better. Love your mockingbird. He has such big feet!

Mel said...

Hola Lynne,
I know this weekend I'll find a few birds. Mom's birthday is on Sunday, so I may convince her to taka a walk, hehe

p.s. Big feet indeed!

Robin Easton said...

Dearest Mel, I love these photos of the mocking bird. You did a great job "catching him". They are very fast indeed. I have so loved your comments and hope to get back to you today. As I have some thoughts to share with you. Been working long hours and have little time for email or blogging. But I want to tell you that you have SUCH a beautiful heart and compassionate soul.
Love to you,

Mel said...

Hola Robin,
Thank you for your visit! I love the tree song (la canción del árbol), it's so beautiful and touching!
Hope to see another video with your laughter all over!
Take care my dear friend,

Susan Gets Native said...

I have been trying to see birds, but it's too early for the real Spring migrants. So I have to make due with the boring all-year ones.
Squeeze them in when you can, Mel!

Laurent said...

Can you send this guy a little bit north? He would be a rock star here in Michigan! In Exchange I could try to convince a snowy owl to migrate a little bit south...

dAwN said...

Howdee Mel,
That bird has some features of a Hermit thrush very different than our mockingbird.
Hope you see day light soon!

Bob and Cynthia Kaufman said...

That;s a lovely looking mockingbird. I hope you get to do some birding soon, Mel.

Sekhar said...


Mel said...

¡Hola chicos!

I am trying to find some daylight time to walk around, but lately it has been hard. I'll just check out your cool raptors instead ;)

Yes please!! Send one Snowy Owl to visit my house and I'll convince a few cool birdies to go up north!

It is fun to learn about the similarities and difference of birds from all over. Sooo much to learn about!!

Bob & Cynthia,
I may go on an adventure tomorrow... let's see what I find!

Super :)