Urban birding

A few weekends ago, I went to the store that is a few blocks from my house to get some ice cream. It was a sunny day and I took my camera just in case I saw something interesting.

I live in an urban area, but not so grey as the rest of the city. There are still some green patches and small parks to enjoy.

I was walking across one to get to the store when a yellow beauty caught my attention.

A beautiful Saffron Finch (Sicalis Flaveola) was posing for me. But then, a second one flew in!!

The new arrival sang for the other, but the result wasn't exactly what was expected...

- "Told you already, I don't date blondes!!"

- "P-p-p-pleeeease!!"

What do you think these birds are "talking" about??

Leave the dialogue you think suits best in the comments!

BTW, my ice cream was delicious ;)


evilbirder said...

"You keep her looking this way, I'll steal the ice cream..."

Great pics babe.


Mel said...

Do you think they were really trying to steal my ice cream??

Hmmm... so that's why one flew over my head... it all makes sense now, lol

Meggie said...

I don't have a clue what might be saying to each other... perhaps, "be sure to get my good side when you snap that camera."

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Great shot of beautiful birds!

Mel said...

Hola chicos, gracias por su visita :)

Hi Meggie!
Well, they did move quite a lot, but I only managed to capture that side!! lol

Dr. Monkey, thanks!! They were very bright and beautiful.

shirl said...

Hi again Mel :-)

Mm… yep they are definitely beautiful finches no doubts there! I think the second one was actually following you waiting for you to stop with your camera! What’s the conversation?

‘She saw me first mate’ :-D

Sekhar said...

"without coming on to my side what are you looking at now? "
"Ah..hmm.. just looking at that blondie under the tree"

dAwN said...

they are saying that you should adore their beauty and give them ice cream!

Mel said...

¡Hola a todos!

Shirl, that might be possible!

Sekhar, :)

Dawn, I think they were after the ice cream too :S

Q said...

Dear Mel,
Oh they are lovely. Glad you had your camera with you. A fine day to walk for ice cream. A very eco-friendly way to get around. You have the joy of seeing the birds too. I bet they were just happy to be noticed...
Tirar un beso,
(Did I do that right? Trying to learn a bit of your language...blowing kisses)

Sherry at the Zoo said...

oh what beautiful little beauties! Do you think they knew you were watching them?

Mel said...

Hola chicas,

Sherry (Q), it was a nice day, a few blocks to walk but for some reason I decided to take the camera!
In Spanish there is no literal translation for it, it depends on the context of what you are saying.
You can say 'mandando besos volados', or if you are saying it to a person, ,you could say 'te mando un beso volado'.
'Tirar' is more related to throwing things (not exactly in a softly way)
It is quite close anyway ;)

Sherry (Zoo), I think they saw me. I was less than 2 meters away!
They were really beautiful, very bright, like a piece of the sun :)

Robin Easton said...

I think they are saying:

"Ooooh, look at the lovely dark haired girl walking under the tree! I've heard that her name is Mel."

"Oh ya, that's right. I've also heard that she is one of the our friends. Did you know she LOVES birds."

"Really? A human that LOVES birds?!! WOW! That is a novel concept."

"Yeah, I know. I too thought all humans hated birds, what with them killing us all the time. But not this girl. All the birds are talking about her. She actually LOVES us. Can you imagine that?"

"Well, maybe she was a bird in another life."

"Who cares about her other lives; let's just find out where she lives and move there. That way she will protect us from all the other crazy humans."

"Yeah sure, but more importantly maybe she will feed us if she loves us."

"Great idea! Maybe she'll give us some ice cream."

"I've heard she is really really kind and did you know she is really really smart and brave of heart and the kindest soul in all of Peru? Probably in all the world."

"Is that so? Wow, we definitely have to find out where she lives and go live in the trees in her yard."

"Okay, lets follow her."


Besos Besos my dear beautiful friend.

RuthieJ said...

Pretty birdies Mel. It's so nice to see leaves on the trees.

Mel said...

You made me blush! Thank you for your kind kind words :)
Besos por montones!

It is green over here these days.
Un abrazo,


Gallicissa said...

B-1: "Look love, Mel's watching"
B-2: "Oh...! good spot honey...shall we get a bit closer to her?"
B-1:"Mmmm...no. She will think we are too easy. Let's not do that"
B-2: "Would she know who we are?".
B-1: "That's agoof question. I think she has that Field Guide to Bird of Peru. Hope she will get our names right"

Mel said...

¡Hola Amila!

LOL, that was good!!!

Do you think they were 'human watching'??? :S

Gallicissa said...

"agoof!" ha..ha...I am now laughing at my typo!

I think they may have! Some birds are pretty curious beings.

Patrick Belardo said...

Gorgeous birds!

Mel said...

Hola Amila,
Yes, they are curious... one time one decided to poo on me while I was trying to find it...

Hola Patrick!
They are beautiful, bright and playful :)

ivars krafts said...

This is a beautiful & fascinating post! Thank you for sharing.

Mel said...

Hola Ivars,
Thank you! I saw them again this past weekend... I think they might be 'human-watching' me, lol