De camino a Guayaquil, ¡Ecuador!

Good things can come out of bad ones and this is the proof.

A stressing family matter ended up with a trip to Guayaquil (for Tommy and Mel) for this weekend! (Long story that might be shared in the future)

We'll be out from the 14th to the 18th, and although we'll have a hard time due to the lack of money, we'll try to make our best to enjoy the trip.

We can't afford moving out of Guayaquil, our budget is LIMITED, so, it will be a challenge!

I know that some of the birder bloggers that visit me every now and then have been to Ecuador in the past, so, this is also a challenge for them: Help me with information on places that we could visit to find birds, without leaving the city or if so, without spending a lot of money!

(I'm nervous and excited at the same time!)


mon@rch said...

I would also be nervous and excited! Wish I was going out that way, I sure would stop by to say hello!

Q said...

Dear Mel,
Keeping you and yours in my thoughts. I love your life list!
See you when you get home.
I tagged you for a meme about books. If you get a chance to play it could be fun.

Mary said...

Hi Mel!

I'd be nervous and excited, too! Have a wonderful journey and come back with lots to share :o)


Mel said...

Hi guys!
I'm back now, lucky for us everything turned out ok, solved what we needed and enjoyed our time there.

Sherry, I'll check that meme soon ;)