It was about time!

I wanted to get started with this for a looong time, but there were too many excuses in the way... Thesis, studies, going back home, thesis (I know I wrote thesis twice, but it is actually the one thing that drives me crazy, so... it's got a 'special' place in my heart! hahaha)

Anyway, I wanted to start a Life List sometime soon, and this morning, while reading Birdfreak.com I found out about Birdstack, downloaded a list and got started, then begun to record my observations on Birdstack also.

If you find them (to the right in this blog) please don't laugh (too hard) hahaha, it's just that I decided I would only list birds that I can remember by name and appearence and that I pictured or filmed myself in the past couple of years... On my list, I added a column to list the 'local' name, the name that natives to the region, with non bird related information call a particular bird, like the 'zarcillo' in Paracas Natural Reserve (Larosterna Inca), just looove those facts!

I know, I know, starting from zzzero... But hey, I never kept a list before, and instead of adding birds I have no clue of how they are called (just to make a larger list) I rather learn in the process...

I went outside the house and waited with my very simple-treasure-camera-sony-cybershot (I know many of you might be either laughing on the floor or shaking the head thinking 'poor thing', hahaha, don't worry, you are allowed to, hahaha) and guess what... (you already know) Not very good luck, too tall trees or too far birds for my dear camera (gift from Santa as my previous one was stolen in Buenos Aires, buuuu) and well, went back to the house with nothing, but not for long! I'll find a way soon...

So, what do you say? Any advice from REAL bird watchers/birders? Please feel free to share your wisdom with me, it will be VERY appreciated!

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Mel said...

My lifer is currently 31, because I haven't been out, or because I haven't id some guys. And I really want to do it myself!