Until I can post something bird-related, and just so this won't be left aside by the friends who follow this poor blog, I'll post interesting stuff I found or got from friends about issues that I'm sure most birders would appreciate.

This guy got comments both good and bad about his video, personally I believe it is an interesting aproach to a subject that should be taken in consideration by more people, and instead of all the arguments and fights around it, just DO something, a little something that could help even if it's small like a grain of sand.

After that video, he posted more replying to some of the subjects that came up after the one I posted here. I really recomend watching them, they can be found on YouTube, he uploads videos with nick name wonderingmind42.

So, if you have some time to spare, watch them and let me know what you think (you probably watched them months ago, but as I just decided to post them it would be great to have your ideas and opinions, alike or different, sharing information and discusion with respect are key points on finding probable solutions or paliatives for such and important matter!)


Gallicissa said...

Hi Mel,
This is a good one!

I will also add it to my blog to spead the word!


Anonymous said...

The fellow is making the Cheney argument!

If there is even a 1% chance that Iraq/Iran/etc. has a nuke, then we must bomb and invade the heck out of them.

It's called Cheney's 1% argument. Just replace this fellow's "global warming" with "Iran has a nuke". The smiley faces are the same! And the bad results are in the same locations!

But it's a phallacy. The choice is not all or nothing. You don't stop a speeding train by standing in front of it. You degrade it's speed little by little over time, so that you never have to make that awful choice of standing in front of it.

Let science and politics work in a democracy. And chances are, we will make the right decisions over the long run. It's the best hope we have.

No, it's the only hope we have.

Mel said...

As I said before, we all have different opinions, but I believe that actually sharing them will help us discuss and find a better solution than just ignoring the problem.
Thank you for your comments!