What do potatoes have in common with birds?

Actually, in this post, absolutely NOTHING.

It's just that I came across a peruvian project that is currently a finalist in the World Challenge 2007.

Details on the project read:

"The farmers of Peru's high Andes are among the poorest in the country, with average incomes of under US $1 per day. Yet these farmers are sitting on something of a goldmine, for the region is home to some 3000 varieties of potato. These native strains bear little resemblance to the familiar staple of Western diets – many are brightly coloured (inside and out) and strangely shaped, as well as vitamin-packed and organically grown. T'ikapapa was set up to bridge the gap between the Andean farmers and the potato market, allowing them to see the benefit of their premium goods. The project's ‘participatory market chain approach' is now being applied to potato chips and other value-added products."

I truly believe this is worth voting for, to do it just visit World Challenge 2007

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Mel said...

I'm happy to say, THEY WON!!!